Lead Eye Shields

Silver-Plated Lead Eye Shields

Eye shields protect the patient's eye during radiation therapy treatments.  They are silver-plated and highly polished to fit smoothly under or over the eyelid.

The small and medium-sized cups fit under the lid to protect the lens while permitting irradiation of the entire thickness and width of the lids in treatment of superficial basal cell carcinomas of the skin.  When only a portion of the lid requires irradiation, an extra large cup with a window is properly placed over the lid.  The large solid lead cups are used when areas surrounding the eyes require irradiation, in which case the cups are placed over the eyeball and lid.

A complete set consists of four pairs ranging from small, medium and large sizes, and one extra large pair with windows.  It is supplied in a velvet-lined storage/carrying case.  The eye shields are fabricated of virgin lead, 1/16" thick, and silver-plated for a smoother surface and long life protection.  Additionally, a dental boxing wax should be used over the silver-plated lead eye shield to prevent scratching or irritation to the eyeball and for reduction of electron scatter.

The lead permits less than 1% transmission of the radiation intensity at 120 kVp (3mm Al HVL).  6MeV electrons have had a 16-25% transmission factor.  Electron backscatter from eye shields has been reported to be 40-50%.  Lead eye shields are not autoclavable; gas sterilization is required.  Always consult the Radiation Physicist when using eye shields with electrons.  Please refer to the following paper: Field Shaping in Electron Beam Therapy, by F.M. Khan, Ph.D., Oct. 1976, British Journal of Radiology.

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