Model 260-000

Bite Block System

Model 260-000 Bite Block System is a stand-alone patient head immobilizer system that needs no fixing to a treatment table and can be moved from room to room.  The aluminum base plate has protruding pins which fit into the holes in the bottom of six different sized head-neck supports, thus locating it to a fixed position every time it is being used.  In some treatment set-ups it may be necessary to angle the head to the right or left.  For these treatments, place the horizontal adjustable base on the base plate and lock in the position with two thumb screws.  The head-neck supports also fit onto protruding pins located on the horizontal adjustable base plate or the pediatric adjustable base plate.

A three lock system allows for easy adjustment and reproducibility.  Vertical and horizontal adjustment is accomplished using 15cm scales and two locking knobs.  The bite block tray angle is adjustable using a 180° scale and is locked with a knob.

An easy-to-remove individualized bite tray uses dental impression material.  The impression procedure takes ten minutes using dental impression material (Model 266-100), available as an optional item.  One pack will do 15 to 25 patients.

A fast setup can be accomplished by using the Nasal or Bridge trays.  Rest the patient's head in the correct head-neck support, adjust the head for the desired chin-to-sternal stretch distance, lower the nasal or bridge tray and lock.

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