Model 146-801

Mobile Contour Plotter

The Model 146-801 Mobile Contour Plotter was developed as a simple system to accurately and rapidly transfer the patient's surface contour to a sheet of paper while the patient is on a simulator table, treatment table or stretcher.  This contour drawing can then be used on the treatment plan and made a permanent part of the patient's record.

The contour plotter is a mechanical device which links a drawing pen to a stylus arm.  Upon contact with the body, it translates body contours to an overhanging drawing board.  When the finger plunger is depressed, engaging the pen, a continuous plot is drawn as the operator follows the physical contour of the patient.  Marks can be made along the contour to indicate beam entry and laser light locations.

The pen can be of any type -- pencil, ballpoint pen or fine felt tip marker.  The pen is secured in a special holder with a thumb screw so that the tip is about 1/2" or less from the paper.  Pen to paper engagement is through a cable by a finger-controlled plunger.  The finger-engaging system is attached to the aluminum stylus arm, allowing easy engagement of the plunger while following the contour with the stylus.  The nylon stylus tip is not cold to the body's touch and is designed to permit skin contact even in the close spacing between the table top and the patient.

The drawing board can rotate 360°.  It can lock at any angle, enabling lateral and sagittal contours.  The counter-balanced drawing board is easily adjustable in height to accommodate different patient thicknesses and table heights commonly encountered in radiotherapy departments.

It is recommended that computer plotting paper be used for taking contours due to its surface hardness and smoothness; other papers with the same characteristics will also work.  Paper can be secured to the board with masking tape.

Swivel and locking casters allow the unit to be easily positioned or transported to various areas of the department.

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