Shielding Block Mold Cutter

The Styro-former® is accurate.  A short wire in a rigid box frame keeps the cutting wire tight.  There is no perceptive bowing when cutting and it is never necessary to apply pressure downward to keep the wire tight.  Accuracy is assured, there is less waste both in time and material, and training of personnel is much quicker.

The Styro-former® is easy to operate.  The spring-loaded Teflon stylus moves freely in any direction, just like writing with a fine writing pen.  It is unhampered by the limitations of an X and Y axis, giving the operator complete maneuverability.  Adjustment for desired treatment height is made by a rotating friction drive system operating against the back of the column.  This feature greatly eases raising and lowering of the block tray and the universal joint swivel.

The Styro-former® allows fast, smooth operation.  The source point and block tray are joined together by a calibrated tie rod or by the Styro-former® Power Lift.  Once adjustment to your particular treatment machine has been made, the two components can be moved as a unit to any treatment position.  This also means that the technologist's working area remains stationary -- always at a comfortable desktop working height.  The adjustable block holder and verification light are standard.  The entire unit is self-standing, requiring no drilling or bolting into the wall.

The Styro-former® can be used with any treatment machine, giving it universal application.

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