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Repair & Modification Services

Dosimeter Modification

CNMC can modify and significantly improve the following dosimeters:

  • Keithley 614
  • Keithley 602
  • Capintec 192

Available modifications include:

  • Replacing bias batteries with +/-300V, +/-150V electronic bias supply
  • Conversion of input connectors to BNC or TNC

For less than Keithley maximum repair charge for the Model 602, CNMC will:

  • Install a full 4 ½ digit LCD display.
  • Install +/-300V, +/-150V electronic bias.
  • Perform minor repairs & calibration.
  • Install a single 12V rechargeable battery with wall-mount UL listed transformer/charger.
  • Install electronic circuit to allow bias voltage and battery condition to read on the display.
  • Install a metal connector cap with chain.
  • Color coding of the switch position for ease of use.
  • Coulomb scale calibration to +/-0.1% and complete QA checkout at CNMC.

Dosimeter Repair

CNMC can generally repair and significantly improve your dosimeter/electrometer regardless of its manufacture.  Repairs at half the cost and/or half the times are common at CNMC.

Ion Chamber Modification

Thimble, waterproof, plane-parallel, extrapolation, and diode detectors of any manufacture can be modified.  Modifications include:

  • Conversion of any style connector
  • Shortening of cable
  • Farmer thimble conversion form 0.6cc to 0.2cc
  • Farmer thimble conversion to acrylic, graphite, Solid Water™

Ion Chamber Repair

Same day repairs are possible at CNMC, typical chamber repairs include:

  • Thimble replacement
  • Connector repair or replacement
  • Correcting leakage condition
  • Re-sheathing waterproof ion chambers

Triaxial/Coaxial Cable Repair and Modification

CNMC manufactures low noise triaxial and coaxial cables per your specifications with connectors of your choice and custom lengths.  CNMC will repair and modify your extension cable.  Repair and modifications includes:

  • Connector repair or replacement
  • Conversion of any style connector, BNC, TNC, PET, PTW, MDH, etc.
  • Installation in a windup reel

Custom Equipment

CNMC will turn your ideas or needs into custom-built products at a very reasonable cost.  Call and talk to one of our staff medical physicists and engineers, or talk to Thomas Kraus, Vice President of Research and Development.