X-Ray Test Tools

1151 Radiographic Contrast/Detail Test Tool

A useful method of assessing the overall image quality of a fluoroscopy system is by defining its ability to detect small objects with small differences in contrast from the background.

The Model 1151 consists of an aluminum plate with a 10 x 10 matrix of holes that vary in diameter and depth.  For a hole diameter, the depth of the hole which can just be visualized is defined as the contrast for that diameter.  A contrast detail curve of the fluoroscopic system can be established by plotting the diameter of the hole vs the depth of the hole that is being visualized.

AFS-1 Aluminum HVL Attenuator Set

Consists of sixteen 10 x 10cm absorbers of various thicknesses; six of 1mm, two of 0.5mm, four of 0.1mm and four of 0.05mm made of 1100 aluminum with a purity of 99%.  Total thickness of the set is 7.6mm.

07-434 High-Purity Aluminum HVL Attenuator Set

When doing HVL measurements with a mammography unit, it is recommended that highest-purity aluminum be used.  The set consists of five high purity (99.99%) aluminum filter, 10 x 10cm, 0.1mm thick, which permit more accurate half-value layer determination on mammography machines.

07-431 Copper HVL Attenuator Set

For HVL determination of high-range X-ray generators (140 to 400 kVp).  Set consists of ten 10 x 10cm absorbers, including four of 1mm, two of 0.5mm, and four of 0.1mm, for a total thickness of 5.4mm.

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