X-Ray Test Tools

132 Tomographic Test Tool

Designed to test the imaging capabilities of the tomographic system, the Model 132 can be used to:

141 & 141H High-Contrast
Resolution Test Tools

One important measure of your fluoroscopy system is its high contrast resolution.  This test can assess the resolving power of your system and can be accomplished easily with Models 141 and 141H.

Both high-contrast resolution test tools consist of eight patterns of copper wire mesh in a pie shape.  Each is labeled with lead numbers for easy visualization.  Model 141 is used for standard radiographic systems with resolutions between 16 and 60 mesh, and Model 141H is used for systems with higher resolution such as those used in cardiology suites, where resolution is between 60 and 150 mesh.

142D & 143D Film/Screen Contact Test Tools

Inspection of cassettes for good film/screen contact and screen integrity is an important but often overlooked quality control procedure.  Poor film/screen contact can be the reason for areas of increased density, reduced density and blurring.

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