Model 120-20 Visi-X

X-Ray/Light Field Alignment Tool

The Model 120-20 Visi-X is a new concept in Quality Control and Service.  It is a cassette-shaped instrument for checking the light and radiation field coincidence on x-ray equipment.  The Visi-X can also be used for checking the centering of the Bucky tray.

The Visi-X is constructed of acrylic and its operation is based on the long persistence afterglow principle of its phosphor screen.  The phosphor is non-radioactive and is confined by acrylic plates.  A daylight filter protects the phosphor from unwanted excitation from light sources.

To use, simply darken the X-ray room and place the Visi-X under the X-ray tube.  Adjust the light field and make the exposure.  The radiation field will immediately be visualized by the glow of the special phosphor compound.  This afterglow will last for several minutes.  Misalignments as little as ±0.5mm will be clearly shown on the built-in scale.  No film is needed, therefore no time is lost going back and forth to the film developer.

When viewing the ordinary intensifying screens you will expose yourself to unnecessary radiation.  With the Visi-X, you do not have to be present in the X-ray room, therefore there is no radiation hazard.

The Visi-X will conveniently check the light and radiation field coincidence on your conventional diagnostic, dental and mammographic X-ray equipment.  A magnetic lock allows Visi-X to be used in vertical and upside-down positions.

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