Model 76-432

CT Spiral Phantom

The accurate indexing capability and exceptional image quality of computed tomography (CT) scanners not only guarantee the object's location, size and shape, but also improve the diagnosis accuracy.  The index and performance parameters of CT scanners cannot be confirmed without objects of known specifications.  The Model 76-432 CT Spiral Phantom provides specific details necessary to confirm the integrity of both conventional and spiral scanning.  What makes the phantom unique is that it allows the user to visually evaluate all test results in their image displays.

The phantom consists of five acrylic plates of different sizes, all affixed to a flat rectangular base.  Specific hole patterns are drilled on each side of these plates.  When imaging, the holes within the X-ray field will appear in the phantom images.  By the appearance of the holes, both index and performance parameters can be confirmed qualitatively and quantitatively.

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