Model 8700

X-Ray Pulse Counter &
Exposure Time Meter

The Model 8700 is a versatile digital X-ray pulse counter and exposure time meter.  It measures the time or duration of radiation output produced by a wide variety of X-ray generators.

For direct measurement of exposure from the X-ray head, simply place the 8700 under the head and make an exposure.  The 8700 is "self-resetting".  There is no need to reset the instrument after each reading.  The reading is stored after each exposure, until the next exposure.

When testing X-ray timers and controls, the time of the relay contact closure can be measured using the AC input feature.  When used with DC, capacitor discharge and 3-phase X-ray, exposure time is measured in milliseconds.

Typical applications include:  verification of X-ray exposure time, calibration of X-ray timer, quality assurance, measurement of exposure, direct measurement of timer accuracy and analysis of X-ray malfunctions.

An optional remote sensor is available to allow use of the 8700 at distances of up to 12 feet away from the X-ray machine.

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