Repair, Modification &
Calibration Services

Dosimeter Modification

Keithley 602 modifications include:

Similarly, CNMC can modify and improve your other dosimeters, which includes replacing bias batteries with ±300V, ±150V electronic bias supply and converting the input connector to BNC or TNC.

Dosimeter Repair

CNMC can generally repair and significantly improve your dosimeter/electrometer regardless of its manufacturer.  Repairs at ½ the cost and/or ½ the time are common at CNMC.

Ion Chamber Modification

Includes thimble, waterproof, plane-parallel, extrapolation and diode detectors of any manufacturer.  Modifications include:

Ion Chamber Repair

Same day repairs are possible at CNMC; typical chamber repairs include:

Triaxial/Coaxial Cable Repair & Modification

CNMC manufactures low-noise triaxial and coaxial cables per your specifications with connectors of your choice and custom lengths.  CNMC will repair and modify your extension cable.  Repair and modification includes:

AAPM ADCL Calibration

When scheduled through CNMC, we will thoroughly inspect dosimeter and ionization chamber and report on conditions requiring attention.

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