Model 10

Dosimeter / Electrometer

The CNMC Model 10 Dosimeter / Electrometer offers accuracy, precision and repeatability combined with unparalleled economy.  It is designed for radiation measurements in both diagnostic radiology and radiation therapy and it meets the need for all QA constancy checks and most calibrations.

The Model 10 has a dual range and units are preset at the factory to suit the individual application.  The Model 10 is simple to operate, the control nomenclature is clear and concise, the values are displayed in easy-to-read 0.5 inch digits and a tilt bail is provided for optional viewing angles.  It features an internal static bias supply with half bias switch and operates on one easily obtainable 9-volt battery.

The combination of compact design, light weight and simplicity makes the Model 10 the most economical dosimeter/ electrometer on the market today, meaning the user only pays for those features necessary to meet the application requirements.

When combined with the Model 505A, a rugged ion chamber assembly, the Model 10 becomes an economical device for performing daily beam output constancy checks.

As such, it possesses significant advantages over single-piece devices:  the electrometer part suffers no radiation damage, radiation values may be read from outside the treatment room and the electrometer itself can be diverted to other uses or simply kept on hand as a back-up electrometer.

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