Model 206

Dosimetry Electrometers

The CNMC Model 206 dosimetry electrometer maintains the simplicity of classic electrometer styling while utilizing contemporary design and state-of-the-art electronics.  The Model 206 is simple to operate.  All controls are located on the front panel.  The nomenclature is clear and concise.  The value is displayed in easy-to-read 0.7-inch digits.  A tilt bail is provided for optional viewing angles.  The Model 206 has a broad range of operation and can accommodate any size of ion chamber.  The versatility of the Model 206 stems from its innovative modular design.  The amplifier feedback element is contained in an external module.  This module is removable and can be exchanged with any number of modules.  Each module changes the measurement features of the electrometer.  In this way, a single electrometer can be configured to satisfy a wide range of applications.  By pairing an ion chamber with a specific module, full calibration of all chambers on a single electrometer can be achieved.

The Model 206 is designed for long term reliability.  Leakage currents as low as 1fA are achieved by the selection of special components and the implementation of proprietary production techniques.  All feedback elements are extensively evaluated to insure long-term stability.  Standard "D" cell batteries provide both 1000 hours of continuous operation and around-the-clock power to the electrometer circuit.  The instrument chassis and case employ the simplicity of classic electrometer styling, yet are rugged enough to protect the delicate system within.  This combination of simplicity and versatility makes the Model 206 one of the most economical electrometers on the market today.

Removable Feedback Modules

A standard 200nC feedback module with a triaxial BNC connector, optimized for beam calibrations with a 0.6cc Farmer-type ionization chamber, is supplied with each Model 206 electrometer.  It allows the Model 206 to provide readings of 00.01 to 199.99nC in high, 0.001 to 19.999nC in medium, and 0.0001 to 1.9999nC in low range, making it usable with chamber volumes 100 times smaller than 0.6cc for comparable exposures.  The standard module may be substituted with another module at no additional cost, or additional extra-cost feedback modules may be added to suit multiple applications.  The following table lists optional feedback modules.  Triaxial BNC input connector is standard. TNC is available on request.

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