Model PPC05

Plane-Parallel Ion Chamber

The Model PPC05 is the latest development of an electron chamber, with improved performance compared to the well-known Markus® chamber.  The chamber features flat energy response within the nominal useful range from 2MeV to 45MeV.

The PPC05 design is similar to the Markus® chamber, having the same external dimensions that allow it to fit into existing solid phantom cavities made for the Markus® chamber.  Although the sensitive volume is the same, it is achieved with a 9.9mm diameter collector and 0.6mm electrode spacing.  The wide guard ring greatly reduces the influence of scattered radiation from the housing and makes it possible to perform absolute electron dosimetry with negligible perturbation and polarity effects.  The entrance window material is 1mm thick C552 Shonka air-equivalent conductive plastic.  The relatively thick window prevents sensitivity changes due to window distortion under water, as the chamber is watertight without the use of a protective cap.

The Model PPC05 is vented to the atmosphere, therefore density correction must be made for each measurement.  It is supplied with a 1m cable, choice of connectors, protective cap, build-up cap and spacer ring, plus a foam-padded case.

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