Exradin® P11

Plane-Parallel Ion Chamber

The Exradin® P11 plane-parallel ion chamber is recommended for routine electron beam measurements and for depth dose studies in electron, photon, proton and neutron beams.

The sensitive region of the chamber is defined by a wide guard ring for negligible perturbation in field lines and polarity effect.  The collecting volume is thus precisely defined and independent of operating conditions.

The exceptional shielding provided by the cable and the complete guarding combine to eliminate stem and soakage effects.  Ionization currents may therefore be read immediately upon the application and reversal of the polarizing potential.

The Exradin® P11's rigid stem allows accurate positioning.  No stem effects are present.  The chamber is vented through a flexible tube that surrounds the cable.  The vent tube is sealed to the chamber body and open near the connector.

The Exradin® P11 is made from a polystyrene-equivalent plastic, which is a mixture of polyethylene, polystyrene and carbon black, with a density of 1.1g/cm3 and electrical resistivity in the range of 0.01 to 1 Ohm-meters.

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