Model N34001

Roos® Plane-Parallel Ion Chamber

This plane-parallel ionization chamber was developed for use as a reference chamber for electron dosimetry.  The Roos® chamber has a wide guard ring to exclude any perturbation effect, even at low electron energies.  The polarity effect is also negligible (less than 0.5% at 10MeV between 0% and 5% half value depth).

The energy dependence of the Roos® chamber is only influenced by the stopping power correction; a type-dependent correction is not necessary.  The chamber is watertight for use in water phantoms.  The measuring volume is vented to the atmosphere through the connecting cable sheath.  The entrance window of the Roos® chamber is flush with the surface so that it can be used with solid phantoms.

The Model N34001 chamber is built to exacting standards by PTW-Freiburg.  It features a 1 meter cable and can be delivered with either a triaxial BNC or TNC connector.

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