Exradin® A10

Plane-Parallel Ion Chamber

The Exradin® A10 is a vented, waterproof, plane-parallel ionization chamber designed specifically for the dosimetry of electrons with energies above 100keV, according to the Bragg-Gray principle.

The Exradin® A10 design is similar to the Markus® chamber, having the same external dimensions that allow it to fit into existing solid phantom cavities made for the Markus® chamber.  The collector diameter and electrode gap are the same as found in the Markus®, therefore the collecting volume and calibration factor will be very similar.

A significant improvement was made in the width of the guard ring that greatly reduces perturbation and polarity effects.  The electrode materials are made of conductive plastics for electrical continuity, eliminating troublesome conductive coatings.

The Exradin® A10 can be operated submerged in water with the waterproofing/calibration cover attached.  The chamber is supplied with your choice of connectors and has a handsome, padded wooden case.

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