Model 451P®

Pressurized Ion Chamber Survey Meter

The Model 451P® is a revised version of the highly successful Model 450P® survey meter, featuring a pressurized ionization chamber, microprocessor technology and an illuminated analog/digital liquid crystal display.

The ionization chamber is filled with argon to a pressure of six atmospheres.  This greatly improves the sensitivity to low levels of radiation, enhances low energy response, reduces time constant and makes it air density independent.  Its ability to read low levels of radiation is 10 times greater than similar non-pressurized ion chamber type survey meters.

The 451P® is simple to operate; only ON/OFF and MODE buttons are needed because the microprocessor controls both auto-ranging and auto-zeroing.

The display of the 451P® is unique:  the 2-1/2 digit display provides reading accuracy for shielding studies while the 100 element analog bar graph, with a faster time constant, makes the instrument ideal for surveying changing radiation levels.  The integrate (dose) mode registers scatter doses from the shortest radiographic exposures.  Integration begins 30 seconds after the instrument has been turned on and the 451P® operates continuously even while in the rate mode.  Just press the MODE button to switch to integrate and read the dose that has accumulated during the survey.

An RS-232 interface, used with Excel add-in for Windows®, allows for data retrieval and user parameter selection while providing virtual instrument display.

The rugged case is sealed against moisture and is available in red/yellow/red (RYR suffix).  The 451P® is also available in Dose Equivalent SI units (specify DE-SI suffix).

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