Coaxial Cables for Survey Meters

Over the years, individual manufacturers of Geiger-Mueller-type survey meters have adopted various connectors to mate their handheld detector probes with their readout units.

The above drawing shows outlines of the most common cable connectors used in the industry.  To order a cable that mates a probe to an instrument having a dissimilar or identical connector, chose a connector for each end and refer to the table on the right.

Instrument Connectors

Also available are bulkhead (panel mount) connectors that are mounted on the instrument case or on the detector probe.  Drawings are shown to help with positive identification of the mating cable connector.

Ludlum Measurements Inc. supplies connector type C on survey meters and probes, with the appropriate cable if no preference is given at the time of the order.  MHV, BNC, SHV and UHF connectors with appropriate cables are available as options.

Victoreen, Inc. supplies survey meters with MHV connectors exclusively, Model 190 being the only exception, offering BNC as an option.  The table below identifies probes with integral connectors that can be used with the above cables, and integral cables that can be converted using an adapter.

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