Model UCS30

USB Computer Spectrometer

The UCS30 nuclear spectrometer offers many enhancements and additional features for increased flexibility.  USB connectivity provides plug and play operation with most computers running Windows op systems.  Three models are available with 1024, 2048 and 4096 channels of conversion gain.

The internal preamplifier allows direct connection to scintillation detectors.  The bipolar amplifier includes polarity selection and multiple shaping times when using different types of detectors with external preamplifiers.  Upper and lower level discriminators may be set for rejection of unwanted signals.  The high voltage supply is rated to +2048V for use with scintillation or proportional detectors.  Optional polarity selection is available for use with detectors requiring negative bias.  A preamplifier power connector (±12V) is included for use with our model PA-1 external preamplifier.  A 10µs fixed conversion ADC allows high throughput with deadtime correction.  Input selection for preamplifier, amplifier or ADC direct is included by computer control.

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