Radiation Therapy Area Monitor

Model 05-433 Radiation Monitor
The Primalert™10 is a compact monitor that responds to scattered radiation and can be mounted anywhere in the teletherapy room.  A pair of bright red lamps on the instrument face flash a warning when the source is exposed, and they continue to flash until safe conditions are re-established.  The flashing green operator indicator light continuously monitors the background radiation and provides a visible indication that the instrument is functioning.  The monitor is supplied with a self-stick bracket for wall mounting.

Model 05-434 Remote Alarm
The Primalarm™ is a slave unit that allows the Primalert™10 signal output to be duplicated up to 100 feet away.  The Primalarm™ also serves as an additional safeguard; it will flash if power to the Primalert™ is lost or if the cable from the latter is disconnected.  The Primalarm™ is ideal for mounting outside the therapy room entrance.

Model 05-441 Back-up Battery
To satisfy NRC requirements, the Primalert™10 must be used with the PrimaPak™II.  The unit consists of rechargeable gel cells and circuitry that switches any Primalert to battery operation if line power is lost.  When AC power is present, the battery is automatically recharged.  Fully-charged cells provide about 8 hours of operation under alarm conditions or more than 32 hours of quiescent, no-alarm operation.  This package also includes a 115VAC UL-listed wall-mount transformer and interconnect cable.

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