Model 375/2RT

Radiation Therapy Area Monitor

The Model 375/2RT is a wall-mounted radiation monitor designed to meet the specific needs of radiation therapy.  It is designed to operate continuously from an AC power line.  In the event of power failure, the built-in, continuously trickle-charged lead acid battery automatically switches in to begin supplying power immediately, assuring interruption-free operation at all times.

The monitor features a dual range digital display of radiation rate, audible and visual alarms, low alarm and high alarm indicators, alarm setpoint adjustability over the entire range and self-diagnostic functions such as low battery, overrange, detector saturation and detector failure conditions.  A green status light is a positive indication of normal instrument operation.

A flashing red light with a 180° visibility and a red LED indicator next to the digital display provide the visual alarm.  The audible alarm (which may be disabled with a switch) consists of a single short beep at the beginning of the alarm mode.  Optional features include SI units and 220V operation.

The optional Model 375R remote alarm unit duplicates the alarm indication functions of the main unit at a remote location up to 1000 feet away.  It features a green status light, a red light for high alarm and Sonalert for audible alarm with a disable switch.  The remote unit is powered by the monitor.  It is supplied with a 50-foot cable that carries both signals and power.

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