RadTarge II

Electronic Personal Dosimeter

RadTarge II | Electronic Personal Dosimeter is a next-generation all-digital electronic personal dosimeter that combines four functions in one:

This pager-like, direct-reading EPD accurately detects and measures radiation exposure for workers and responders in potentially hazardous environments.

RadTarge II | Electronic Personal Dosimeter uses a YSO scintillation detector combined with a state-of-the-art silicon photomultiplier (YSO+SiPM) and multi-voltage threshold (MVT) algorithm to detect a wide range of radiation doses.

Proportional, real-time detection and measurement provide meaningful readouts that focus on the awareness and safety of the user during critical times.  The fast response and wide dose rate range maximize the safety of your team.  Intuitive menu-driven navigation allows users to adjust settings in the field.

A blue acrylic tamper-proof label prevents users from opening the instrument, thus ensuring operational integrity for compliance and liability concerns.

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