Direct Reading Dosimeters
& Accessories

These direct reading dosimeters allow the wearer to read accumulated radiation exposure at any given time without a separate readout device.  The integrated exposure is read on a built-in scale that is illuminated by an external light source.

A film badge cannot provide an immediate answer if an overexposure has taken place, but a wearer of a direct reading dosimeter can tell when, where and whether the overexposure took place and hazardous conditions can be corrected long before film badge readings can be known.

The low energy feature of these dosimeters have hospital applications in fluoroscopy, portable radiography, angiography and mammography.

These dosimeters may be reused repeatedly by resetting to zero with the Model 909 dosimeter charger after the accumulated exposure has been recorded in a log.

Model 909, Dosimeter Charger

This dosimeter charger zeroes all direct-reading dosimeters.  One standard 1.5V D cell permits thousands of chargings.  A safety spring in the charging socket prevents damage to dosimeter in event that excessive force is applied during charging.  A protective cap keeps the socket free of dust and moisture when charger is not in use.

Model 06-201-5000, Dosimeter Checker

The Multi-Dosimeter Checker allows the simultaneous testing of up to five direct reading dosimeters.  It consists of a plastic cylinder that has five holes around a central, hermetically-sealed Ci-9m Cesium-137 source.

The procedure for checking dosimeters is very simple.  Properly charged and zeroed dosimeters are placed in the cylinder and exposed for the required period of time, depending on their range.  Typically, a six-hour exposure of a properly-calibrated dosimeter will yield a reading from 25 to 35 mR.

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