Digital Multimeters


With the Automatic Touch Hold® function, the FLUKE 177 automatically captures a measurement, beeps and locks it in the display until you are ready to view it.  The high-resolution, 6000 count digital display includes a 33-segment bar graph that reacts 10 times faster than the numerical display.  The fast auto-range feature automatically selects the range with the greatest accuracy and resolution and Range Hold locks in specified ranges.  Polarity selection is automatic.  Sleep Mode powers down the display for battery saving and all inputs are protected.  An audible tone indicates continuity and diode polarity.  Includes a pair of safety-designed right angle test leads, operator's manual and 9V battery.

Model 87, Series V

Designed for electronic as well as industrial applications, the Model 87 is a versatile analog/digital multimeter featuring an impressive range of capabilities, including true rms, frequency of 0.5Hz to 200kHz, duty cycle from 0.0% to 99.9%, capacitance from 10pF to 9,999µF and temperature reading.  Min-Max Average recording mode stores highest, lowest and average of all readings.  Input Alert detects wrong input jack connections, and Auto Hold automatically captures the measurements.  The backlit display offers 4½ digits, 19,999 count high resolution mode, and 1ms Peak Hold.  It comes with a yellow protective holster, Flex-Stand, test leads, 9V battery and manual.

Model 289

The Model 289 is a microcomputer-based, hand-held DMM combining very precise measurement capability and a number of unique features.  The 4½-digit resolution, wide bandwidth and exceptional accuracy makes the Model 289 a superior measuring tool.  True-rms measurements yield accurate results on non-sinusoidal waveforms as well as sinewaves.  When measuring ohms, the microcomputer lets you automatically subtract lead resistance.  Low battery and overload conditions are indicated on the display.  The meter comes with TL70 test leads, 9V battery, operator's manual and a spare fuse and includes a two-level backlight.

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