Glass Thermometers

T-3 Mineral-filled Thermometer

The Model T-3 is a pocket-sized, wide-range, total-immersion, mineral-filled glass thermometer.  The red disazo-type non-toxic dye is easily viewed against the white background.  It is supplied in an aluminum protective casing with a ring on top and a pocket clip.

T-5 PerformaTherm™ filled Thermometer

The Model T-5 is a precision, total immersion, PerformaTherm™ filled thermometer designed specifically to cover a limited range of temperatures encountered in a typical radiation therapy department, thereby offering excellent resolution, combined with a short length.  Its blue liquid column is easily visible against the white background.  Includes a NIST traceable calibration certificate.

This thermometer may also be ordered with an open-face brass armored case as Model T-5A.

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