Digital Thermometers

Model 51

The Model 51 combines Fluke's technical expertise in lowcost, hand-held and laboratory-grade bench-top temperature instruments to create the most advanced yet affordable thermometer, offering high accuracy, wide temperature range, and simple operation via simple, clearly-labeled push buttons on the front panel.  Features include a reading freeze function, and choice of units in Celsius or Fahrenheit.  One K-type thermocouple bead temperature probe is included.

Model 52

The Model 52 is a dual-channel thermometer offering all the features of the Model 51 with the addition of:  differential mode (T1-T2), continuous scan through T1, T2, T1-T2 sequence, record of minimum and maximum temperature from any of its three measurements (T1, T2, T1-T2) and selectable high or low resolution (0.1° or 1°).  The Model 52 includes two K-type thermocouple bead temperature probes.

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