Robust Triaxial Ion Chamber Extension Cable

Our Robust Triaxial Ion Chamber Extension Cable is custom manufactured for CNMC specifi cally for its very low noise characteristics and its durability.

This cable is ideally suited for rigorous day-to-day use.  It has a thicker outer insulation layer that makes it less susceptible to cable failures due to mechanical stress from snaking through wall conduit, being stepped on, pinched under a door, or run over by tool carts.

In addition, there is a thicker insulation layer between the center conductor of the cable and the inner shield.  This greatly reduces the effects of inherent cable capacitance, thereby minimizing the effects of internal signal loss and minimizing the effects of extraneous environmental signals.

Robust Triaxial Extension cables are supplied in standard 10-meter lengths and can be custom terminated with connectors to fit almost any commercially available electrometer and ion chamber.  Extension cables greater than 10 meters are available, as are custom cable lengths in 1-meter increments.

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