Extension Cables

CNMC supplies triaxial and coaxial extension cable assemblies in standard 10-meter or custom lengths, terminated with connectors to fit almost any commercially available electrometer/dosimeter and ion chamber.  The CNMC triaxial cable assemblies are made of flexible, white, 3mm diameter, shielded, low-noise, high-impedance, radiation-resistant cable, designed to carry the extremely small currents generated by ion chambers without signal degradation.

Optionally, CNMC can supply the Suhner Swiss grey, 5.34mm diameter triaxial cable found on Nuclear Enterprise Ion Chambers.  Extension cable assemblies can be made to custom lengths in 1 meter increments.  A true extension cable will have a male connector on one end to mate with the electrometer input and a female connector on the other end to mate with the ion chamber output connector.  Other configurations are possible, such as male/male to accommodate the Memorial parallel plate ion chamber, or female/female bulkhead-type connectors for through-the-wall mounting.  Additionally, a wide selection of adapters offers virtually unlimited connector arrangements.

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