Chamber Holders

CH-1 Markus®-type Chamber Holder

Made from acrylic, this chamber holder is designed to accommodate a Markus®-type plane-parallel ion chamber including models N23343, N34045 and PPC05 securely.  The 7mm diameter, 10cm long acrylic stem fits clamps designed to hold waterproof chambers.  The acrylic cup has an inside diameter of 3cm, and the chamber is secured with a nylon set screw.

CH-2 Roos®-type Chamber Holder

This acrylic chamber holder is similar to the CH-1 but with dimensions to accommodate a Roos®-type plane-parallel ion chamber including N34001 and PPC40.  The acrylic cup has an inside diameter of 4.4cm and has no bottom.

CH-5 Cylindrical Chamber Holder

This chamber holder is made of water-equivalent plastic and is designed to securely hold cylindrical chambers with diameters from 7mm to 16mm.  The CH-5 has an acrylic stem with a diameter of 7mm and a length of 10cm.  It accomodates most waterproofing kits for Farmer-type chambers.

CH-7 Diode Holder

The CH-7 is made to securely hold Wellhofer scanning diodes with a stem diameter of 4mm in a vertical position.  The diode holder is made of water-equivalent plastic.

Markus® and Roos® are registered trademarks of PTW Freiburg and PTW New York.

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