Model DB-705E

Precision Digital Barometer

The Model DB-705E is a portable digital barometer possessing a combination of handheld calculator size, digital display, high accuracy and wide choice of units, making it ideal as a portable absolute pressure reference.

The DB-705E features a variety of pressure scales to enable the operator to display the atmospheric pressure in a variety of units, including inHg, mmHg, mb, as the most widely used units in radiation therapy.  It also displays ambient temperature in °C and °F with one degree resolution.

The DB-705E operates on four AA alkaline batteries for 300 hours.  The Auto-Off automatic timeout prolongs battery life, but the feature can be disabled by holding the LEAK button while pressing the ON-OFF button.  The UNITS button sequentially selects up to 16 units of measurement.  The LEAK button sequentially selects maximum reading, minimum reading and initiates a 60-second countdown for leak test.  The TARE button sets a zero reading for use as reference.

The rugged, ABS molded case has been designed for handheld use, either in field applications or for use on the bench.  The unit has an integral folding stand.  A two-compartment soft carrying pouch is included.

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