Model RMD-200-5-PC

Programmable Remote Motor Drive

With the Model RMD-200-5-PC, it is possible to convert the manual, crank-operated depth-positioning mechanism of the CNMC WP-3040 and WP-3840 water phantoms to allow ion chamber positioning from outside the treatment room, using a PC (personal computer) as the control panel, thus adding convenience and significant savings to your monthly routine.

Installation of the motor drive assembly to the depth position mechanism is easy, since it makes use of existing threaded holes.  Although the installation includes adding two drive sprockets, the hand crank is reinstalled on the motor shaft, retaining the original manual positioning and mechanical counter readout functions.

The PC software serves as the control/display unit.  It is connected to the drive motor by a 15-meter cable via an interface unit for complete control of chamber depth from the accelerator console.  The programmability of the PC allows the user to present the depth increments or the entire measurement routine.  This display indicates the depth position, with 0.01cm accuracy assured by optical encoder feedback.

The PC Drive can be supplied with motor mounting hardware for adaptation to water phantoms of older design.  All features and technical specifications remain the same.

Model RMD-200-1-PC may be specified for adaptation to the existing MEDTEC MT-100 and MT-150 water phantoms.

Model RMD-200-3-PC may be specified for adaptation to the existing CNMC WP-300 and WP-380 water phantoms.

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