Model STP-145M

Stereotactic & Intraoperative
Calibration Phantom

The CNMC Model STP-145M combines the STP-145 phantom assembly with a crank-operated, linear-drive mechanism, allowing precision off-axis positioning of the detector.

The phantom assembly slides smoothly on a Teflon® platform, driven by a stainless steel lead screw and stabilized by two stainless steel rods.  Each full turn of the hand crank quickly and accurately moves the phantom assembly 1mm.  A 5-digit mechanical counter with pushbutton reset capability indicates position to the nearest 0.1 mm.  Total detector travel is 16 cm or less.

The STP-145M has adjustable feet for leveling the unit.  Optional brackets to mount the assembly to a Zemed Danek Linac Scalpel stereotactic radiosurgery system are available.

The STP-145M may be conveniently retrofitted with the optional Model RMD-100-5 and RMD-200-5 remote motor drives that allow detector positioning from a remote location.  The detector position is indicated by a 5-digit LCD display with pushbutton zeroing.  The convenience of the Model RMD-100-5 and RMD-200-5 provide significant savings to your data acquisition time.

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