Model WP-5230

Water-Filled Calibration Phantom

The CNMC Model WP-5230 is an economical, convenient, easily transported acrylic water-filled calibration check phantom.  It is compact, measuring only 20 x 20 x 10cm and weighing just under 3 lbs when empty.

The entrance window is engraved with 10cm field and central axis markings.  An acrylic transverse-mounted sleeve supports any Farmer-type ion chamber, including the Capintec PR-06C.  The ion chamber's reference point is automatically aligned with the field central axis engraved on the entrance window.  The chamber depth is fixed at water-equivalent 5cm. As such, the WP-5230 water phantom provides good characteristics for routine checks of the beam output from 2 to 10MV photons.

A screw plug can be removed for easy filling of the phantom with water; boiled, distilled water is preferred.  The plug is designed so the phantom will be fully water-tight at any angle.  The phantom is fitted with two expansion vessels to cover a temperature range of 5-35°C, extending the practical range of both temperature and pressure.

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