Model DTP-008

Dynamic Thorax 4D QA Phantom

The Model DTP-008 Dynamic Thorax Phantom is designed to investigate and minimize the impact of organ motion and patient positioning errors in radiation therapy.  It is the first commercially-available dynamic QA phantom, developed for image acquisition, treatment planning and dose delivery.

The Dynamic Thorax Phantom is manufactured from materials that mimic tissues within 1% from 50keV to 25MeV.  The phantom accurately represents average human thorax anatomy in shape, proportion and structure.

Tumors of various size, shape and density can be positioned within the lungs and means are provided for placement of TLD and MOSFET detectors directly within the tumor volume.

A computer-controlled actuator applies complex three-dimensional motions to the tumors within the phantom body.  Linear target motion in the superior/inferior direction can be isolated from lateral and anterior/posterior motion in both frequency and amplitude.  Two motions can be synchronized to one another enabling sinusoidal and other complex motions to be achieved with sub-millimeter accuracy and reproducibility.  The system includes 16 pre-set motion profiles.  Upon special request, the phantom body can be modified for cardiac, abdominal, pelvic or head and neck applications.

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