Verification Software

Designed to save valuable time and resources, RadCalc® Verification Software is utilized in radiation therapy departments for the determining monitor units and the calculated dose at points of interest for either photon or electron beams.  RadCalc's monitor units can be used to validate the monitor units determined by the primary radiation therapy planning system or used for treatment.  In addition, RadCalc® allows for the import of the treatment planning data through several different methods while also possessing the capability to export to a department's Verify and Record system.

RadCalc® is the first and most powerful QA software program FDA 510(k) approved to perform independent monitor unit or point dose verification calculations for both conventional and IMRT treatment planning systems, including Diode and EDW support.  Only RadCalc® offers fully-automated verification by allowing users to import and export directly, reducing hand entry data errors.  Each software package includes setup, installation, training and hardcopy printouts for billing and patient documentation.  Software is compatible with any Windows® operating system.

RadCalc® Program and Available Utilities

RadCalc® BASE PROGRAM:  RadCalc® base software performs independent MU or point dose verification calculations for conventional treatment plans including Electron, Photon, MLC, 3D Off Axis, Diode, and Enhanced Dynamic Wedge support.  Fully-automated calculations for Conventional and IMRT plans are available by purchasing the RTP Import, V & R Export, and IMRT utilities separately.

RTP IMPORT UTILITY:  The Import utility provides the importing of treatment field parameters from a Radiation Therapy Planning system, Verify and Record system, and/or virtual simulation software.  RadCalc® reads the transferred information and then performs the calculation.  This utility requires the RadCalc® Base Program.

V & R EXPORT UTILITY:  The V & R Export Utility provides the exporting of treatment field parameters and Monitor Units in a format that is readable by a V & R system and/or TPS.  The client must have RTP: Link, Exchange, or Connect from the appropriate V & R vendor available.  This system also requires the RadCalc® Base Program.

IMRT VALIDATION UTILITY:  The IMRT Utility provides the verification of MU or point dose calculations for IMRT based treatment plans.  The IMRT utility allows you to import from your treatment planning system either static or dynamic MLC leaf sequences.  A modified Clarkson integration algorithm in RadCalc® utilizes the MLC leaf sequences in order to compute the dose or MU.  RadCalc® is capable of handling an MLC with up to 200 leaves.  The MLC leaf patterns are viewable within RadCalc's MLC Data tab.  This system requires both the RadCalc® Base and RTP Utility Programs.

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