muCheck & IMRT Check

Verification Software

muCheck Verification Software has been designed to validate monitor unit calculations performed by your TPS.  It is an independently operating Windows®-based program.  muCheck has an extensive list of features that will allow any qualified member of your therapy department to perform calculations quickly and easily.

muCheck features FDA 510(k) market clearance.  It performs calculations for both photon and electron beams and supports Isocentric (SAD) and TSD (SSD) calculations.  Other features include normalization to Isodose line and an extensive online Windows help and glossary.  muCheck possesses comprehensive utilities for management of beam data, including graphical representation of data.  There are multiple ways to enter blocking for irregular fields and it supports any number of treatment machines.  muCheck provides an online worksheet as well as hardcopy output for the patient's chart.  It also does multiple field, dose point and diode calculations.  Additionally, muCheck provides for all types of correction factors including trays, table attenuation, tissue compensators, off-axis corrections, cone inserts, custom cut-outs, and both physical and enhanced dynamic wedges.

The Utilities module allows the physicist or other qualified persons to modify the beam data that has been initially configured for your system.  Utilities are password protected, table names are easily recognizable and data can be printed and graphed for verification.  The system has great flexibility to accommodate various methods of beam data measurements and calculation preferences.

IMRT Check software was developed to independently verify the dose calculated by the IMRT treatment planning system.  It can be used in addition to film dosimetry and phantom studies as yet another verification process in your Quality Assurance procedures.  Only two input screens are required to verify the dose calculated by your treatment planning system or phantom measurements.  IMRT Check can import directly the MLC file created by your planning system or data can be passed via the DICOM RT import utility if available on your RTP system.  IMRT Check will allow you to optionally average 9 points showing the dose at each of these points.

Static (step and shoot) and dynamic (sliding window) IMRT plans are also supported by IMRT Check.  Transmission due to the rounding of the leaf tips as well as overall leaf transmission can be adjusted for each photon energy.

Software installation on your computer and personal training at your department are optionally available.

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