Model 22D

Dual Diode Monitor

The CNMC Model 22D is a compact, economical, battery-operated dual-channel diode monitor designed for simplicity of operation without compromising accuracy and reliability.

The user-friendliness of the Model 22D is immediately apparent by its sloping control panel that allows operation from a convenient angle.  Collected exposure data from both channels is read simultaneously on two large, easy-to-read liquid crystal displays without switching.  Two independent calibration potentiometers for each channel allow individual custom calibration settings for up to two sets of diode detectors or two beams.

Operation of the 22D is simple.  Only four switches are needed to select the calibration factors and dose-to-dose rate and to reset the display to zero.  It is powered by a single, readily-obtainable, easily-accessible 9-volt battery.  An input jack is provided for the UL-listed wall-mount transformer in case AC line operation is desired.

A special inherent feature of the Model 22D is its compatibility with both negative and positive current output diode detectors: EquiDose® II, Isorad, QED or VeriDose.  This flexibility allows utilization of all existing diode detectors and future standardization.  When using with detectors that have a 2 or 3 meter cables, one extension cable of suitable length is needed per channel.

EquiDose® II Diode Detectors

Solid state diode detectors are available to satisfy a wide range of photon and electron energies.  Representing the state-of-the-art in diode dosimetry, EquiDose® II detectors feature high impedance, excellent linearity and directional response, plus a low temperature coefficient.

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