Model 3500

Manual TLD Reader

The Model 3500 TLD reader provides a cost-effective method for measurement of absorbed radiation dose by use of TLD chips, rods, microcubes or powders.  The instrument includes a sample change drawer for inserting and removing the TLD elements, a thermoelectrically cooled photomultiplier tube with associated data acquisition circuits for reading the light emitted by the TLD element and a linear, programmable element heating system.  A separate computer with application software performs all other functions, including user interface, acquisition and storage and retrieval of TLD data.  The computer may be any Pentium unit operating on any Windows® system.

The 3500 is intended for use in medical physics and other laboratory applications where TLD chips, rods, cubes or powder are employed and required throughput is not high enough to justify an automated reader.

Maximum functionality is achieved at minimum cost by including only the TLD related functions such as sample changer, heating system, thermally cooled photomultiplier tube assembly and supporting data acquisition system, light source, nitrogen connector, start/stop button and power on/off switch.  A separate computer performs all other functions.  This enables the user to minimize the initial investment in a TLD reader.

A user-provided IBM PC-compatible computer using a Windows® operating system provides main and setup menus, read calibration, dosimeter calibration, batch and dosimeter ID, high voltage adjustment, regions of interest, heating profile, glow curve generation and display, current integral and dose, date and time, background subtract and limits, maintenance menu, high and low dose setting and alarms, reference test light and dark current limits, reader QA procedures, provision for manual element ID entry, provision for manual comment entry, and file maintenance records.

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