Annealing Ovens

for Thermoluminescence Dosimetry

Choose from three different temperature controller models and two heating chamber dimensions to fit your exact needs.  If a single temperature setting is all you need, than choose the Model TL-925 or TL-925-35 with a single setpoint automatic control.  If programmability is desired, choose TL-925-80 or TL-925-835 allowing you to select up to four ramps and four dwells, while Models TL-955 and TL-955-35 allow you to select up to eight ramps and eight dwells, plus offering you an RS-232 communication link.

All models offer fast heat with a minimum temperature gradient through the use of open coil heating elements on both sides of the chamber.  Maximum heating efficiency is achieved through the use of thermal-efficient ceramic insulation surrounding the chamber.  Preventing heat loss around the door has been achieved by using a free-floating ceramic fiber door, including a chamber plug that totally seals when the spring-loaded door is closed.  A door safety interlock switch is provided to disconnect power to the heating elements whenever the door is opened to provide increased operator safety.  Removal of undesirable contaminants and moisture is made easy by means of the built-in venting system.  Injection of special atmospheres or the monitoring of chamber temperature with an independent measuring device is made easy by using the 3/9" diameter port located at the rear of the chamber.

All controls are equipped with a dual fluorescent display of both the actual and the setpoint temperature values.  The top display indicates the actual temperature measured by the thermocouple.  The bottom display shows the setpoint temperature selected by the operator.

Programmable temperature controls give the operator the ability to expand the capabilities of a single oven.  The operator can program the rate of temperature rise or fall (RAMP), and the period that the temperature holds at a specific level (DWELL), both at different temperature levels.  RAMP rate is programmable in degrees per minute and the DWELL periods in increments of 0.1 to 999.9 minutes.  Controls also feature a "Holdback" function.  If the oven is not able to heat or cool at the rate that has been programmed, the program will stop and wait for the temperature to catch up.

All models come complete with an on/off switch, thermocouple and grounded three-wire cord and plug.  220V 50/60Hz models are available on special order.

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