Wireless Dose Verification System

The mobileMOSFET dose verification system (TN-RD-70-W) takes MOSFET dosimetry to the next level.

The mobileMOSFET is a portable, easy-to-use, seamlessly integrated system that simplifies dosimetry and minimizes QA time, making it ideal for a busy radiotherapy center.  For example, one Reader Module can be easily shared between multiple treatment rooms (with LAN connections and additional transceivers).

This new wireless system is entirely software driven, allowing for remote control of one or more systems from a PC.  The system consists of Remote Monitoring Dose Verification Software, wall-mounted Bluetooth™ Wireless Transceiver and a small Reader Module that acts as a channel between the MOSFET and software, providing a final dose report for patient records.  Up to five MOSFETs or one Linear 5ive Array can be plugged into one module.  This provides easy mobility within the treatment room.  The PC is online with the Reader Module and the dose is obtained in real time.

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