Source Holders for HDR1000+

70003 - Remote Afterloading

This source holder is for cesium remote afterloading and has a 7.1mm diameter aluminum catheter opening.  It is used with LDR remote afterloading systems.  There is no spacer because the afterloader positions the sources.  This insert can also be used with cobalt sources used in some LDR remote afterloading treatment systems.

70009 - Iridium-192 Ribbons

This source holder for LDR Iridium-192 ribbon seeds has a 3mm diameter acrylic tube which extends from the top of the insert to the most active area of the chamber.  It makes one loop at the active area and extends back to the top of the insert.  A collective calibration of the entire ribbon of seeds is obtained.  Fourteen seeds spaced one centimeter center-to-center can fit into the active area.

70010 - Iridium-192 HDR

This source holder for HDR Iridium-192 has a 2.2mm opening for the catheter.  A rubber O-ring secures the catheter with a uniform restriction pressure to prevent any movement of the catheter.  The ADCL calibration report provided with the HDR1000+ well chamber indicates the most sensitive position within the chamber, so that the source can be exactly repositioned for all measurements.

70016 - Individual Seed

This source holder for individual isotope seeds has a 1mm inner diameter Teflon catheter which positions the seed in the active area of the HDR1000+ well chamber.  The tubing is smooth Teflon for easy removal of the seed.  Iodine-125, Palladium-103, Iridium-192, and Gold-198 seeds can be placed in the source holder.

70020 - Cesium-137 Tube Sources

Source holder for cesium has a 5mm diameter aluminum catheter opening and is commonly used with manually loaded cesium sources.  A spacer within the source holder positions the cesium insert at the most active area of the well chamber.  The spacer for positioning the cesium source is removable so that the insert can also be used with some longer cesium sources, and with larger HDR catheters.

70022 - Seed Batch Assay

Designed for LDR seed batch assay, this source holder holds up to 500 of the iodine or palladium seeds typically used for prostate cancer treatment.  The entire batch of seeds can be measured (assayed) at one time.  This method is described in "Verification of Manufacturer Supplied Iodine-125 and Palladium-103 Air-kerma Strengths", Mellenberg and Kline; Medical Physics 22(9): pp.1495-1497, 1995.

70022 - Iridium-192 Wire Coil

This source holder is designed so that the measurement of activity of iridium wire coils can be performed accurately.  The coil is placed in the tube and uniformly compressed to 2mm for measurement at the most sensitive point of the well chamber.  This consistent positioning provides for excellent reproducibility of measurements.

70023 - Iodine-125 RAPID Strand

This source holder provides a quick and convenient QA measurement of RAPID Strand iodine seeds.  Rotational dependence and short term precision is less than 1%.  The measurement is made on one half of the RAPID Strand at a time while the RAPID Strand remains in the jig.  The spacing jig is then inverted and the five seeds at the opposite end are measured.

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