Model 206

Brachytherapy Electrometer

The CNMC Model 206 Electrometer, with its innovative modular design, can be set up with an appropriate input feedback module to accurately measure a wide range of current output from any well chamber.  LDR sources as low as 0.1mCi of Iodine-125 can be measured with a 4-digit accuracy.  10Ci Iridium-192 HDR sources can be measured in charge or current mode.

One removable feedback module optimized for LDR or HDR is supplied with Model 206.  Additional input modules may be purchased to suit other applications.  The 200nC module can be added to economically extend electrometer use to calibration of teletherapy machines.  The extra input modules can be stored conveniently in the compartment located in the rear panel of the Model 206 when not in use.

Because most well chambers exhibit high capacitance, use of an external 300V bias battery is recommended to assure stability of LDR measurements.  This battery can be stored in the rear panel compartment of the Model 206.

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