Model MAX-4000

Brachytherapy Electrometer

Exceptional sensitivity and a wide dynamic range makes the MAX-4000 electrometer a good choice for brachytherapy measurements.  In rate mode it provides immediate measurement of even the lowest activity isotopes.  For example, a 0.27mCi iodine seed, measured in the HDR1000+ well chamber, gives a signal of 1.458pA.  The MAX-4000 can measure 10Ci and higher iridium sources in rate mode or integrate mode over time.

The built-in countdown timer can be preset in 15 second increments up to 600 seconds.  A few buttons control all operations.  Zeroing is automatic; press a button and you are ready to measure.  A digital filter built into the MAX-4000 eliminates the effect of noise resulting in a very stable and exact measurement.

The MAX-4000 is versatile enough to be used for all external beam applications, using Farmer-type ion chambers, chambers typically used for data acquisition in water phantoms and chambers used for quality assurance tests.

The MAX-4000 is designed to exceed AAPM, ADCL and reference-grade instrument stated specifications in many areas, including reproducibility, resolution, linearity, long-term stability and repeatable measurement accuracy.

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