Shielded Workstation

This sturdy workstation is the ideal vehicle for the safe storage of radioisotopes.  Optimum protection is provided to personnel from radiation exposure when storing isotopes.  The workstation has sufficient work and storage area to allow flexibility when using its contents.  Heavy duty 5" casters lend mobility to the work station and permit transportation of radioisotopes to the point of use under hazard-free conditions.  The following components may be purchased separately:

L-Block Lead Shield, Model 990-488

Features a wide view, 4" thick, tilted leaded glass window that provides easy viewing of the radiation source loading area and offers maximum eye and face protection.  The L-Block is made of sheet steel with 5cm of lead shielding inside to protect the head and torso from radiation.  Two holes are provided for lifting the unit.

Stainless Steel Tray, Model 990-900

For use with the L-Block Shield.  Provides an easy cleaning area.

Halogen Spot Lamp, Model 990-050

This high intensity, bright beam of light gives good visibility of radiation sources and holders.  A 20 watt, 12 volt spot lamp is mounted to a five-axis adjustable arm.  Operates on 120 Volts AC.  Optional 2 to 1 magnifier Model 999-052 attaches to the lamp and optional stud.  Model 999-053 is used to mount the lamp to the top of radiation safe.

Shielded Storage Safes

Constructed of steel and shielded with lead, these safes provide maximum protection from radiation exposure.  The door swings open 180° so it is out of the way and is reversible to open in the opposite direction.  It is key locked and fireproof.  The key is needed to open the door and then can be removed.  An eyebolt is furnished on top of the safe for lifting, which can be removed to be replaced with a lamp holder stud for lamp mounting.  The finish is durable light tan textured polyurethane enamel.  Stainless steel source storage drawers are equipped with a pull handle and have storage space 6" long, 1.5" wide and 1.5" deep.  Drawers can be fitted with optional lead inserts.

Steel Table, Model 992-020

This smooth, round-edged table provides a solid support surface for the radiation work station.  The table support frame is tubular steel with welded joints for maximum strength.  The table is mounted on four 5" diameter locking swivel casters.  Included is a locking storage drawer and a heavy duty lower shelf for storing radiation pegs and supplies.

Lead Inserts

Model 998-014 is a 14-hole lead insert with caps for unused holes.  Insert is permanently marked with mg of activity per customer's specification.  Hole size: 3.1 or 2.65mm diameter x 20mm long, specify diameter and source activity in mg when ordering.

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