Seed Handling Accessories

90-085, Seed Sterilization & Sorting Tray

Sterilization of LDR brachytherapy seeds is necessary before being placed into the patient.  The LDR seed sterilization and sorting tray is designed to allow you to sort seeds into ten separate hemispherical wells 16mm diameter and 10mm deep.  The well numbers are stamped into the aluminum for identification.  Seeds of different strengths may be placed in different wells for storage.  Each well can easily hold over 100 seeds.  The tray is 160mm in diameter, so it will easily fit into all autoclaves.

During sterilization, the 5mm thick aluminum cover is positioned 10mm above the seeds.  The drying cycle dries the seeds before the tray is removed from the autoclave.  Dry seeds are easier to load than wet seeds.  Other storage devices may leave the seeds wet and difficult to handle.

Before and after sterilization, the aluminum cover is locked down over the wells to shield the personnel from radiation.  The rotation cover has one opening that can be positioned over only one well at a time.  During use, seeds from only that well are exposed for loading into your treatment system, while the unused wells are covered to prevent additional exposure to radiation.  The cover can be positioned between two wells for complete shielding and locked to prevent spilling the seeds while transporting.

90-090, "Seed Slider"

The Seed Slider is specifically designed to be the most efficient instrument for loading seeds and spacers into prostate implant needles.  The Seed Slider interfaces with the Model 90-085 Seed Sterilization and Sorting Tray to provides a compact, safe and efficient needle loading platform.  It consists of a specially designed reservoir and sorting area.  The reservoir allows access to all seeds stored in the wells inside the Seed Sterilization and Sorting Tray, so users can scoop seeds from the wells onto the loading platform with the provided spatula.  The seeds and spacers are then aligned into a slot per the treatment prescription.  A cover then flips up to encapsulate the seeds and spacers.  The needles lock onto one side of the Seed Slider with a Luer™ lock.  The needle stylet is inserted and the seeds and spacers are smoothly pushed into the needle.  The Seed Slider and Seed Sterilization and Sorting Tray are sterilized together, saving time and effort.

90-095, Needle Cradle

Designed for storage of loaded LDR prostate implant needles, the Needle Cradle features eleven horizontal rows, as nine rows are sometimes inadequate for large prostate volumes.  Aluminum templates are easily interchangeable for any ultrasound or treatment planning system, starting a 1.0 or 2.0.  Only one box is needed for any current or future treatment plan.  Shielding exceeds the NRC requirements of less than 1mR/h at a distance of one meter (with 0.35mR/h seeds).  A lightweight, stainless steel needle guard slips over needles to prevent accidental bumping of stylets.  The guard can be removed and stored if not used.  The bottom plate prevents loss of any seeds that may become loose.

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