Model 670 Delclos Uterine/Vaginal

Afterloading Applicator & Dome Set Assembly

The Delclos uterine/vaginal afterloading applicator is primarily used for the irradiation of tumors extending downwards along the vaginal vault from the cervix.  The dome assembly is used in patients where a hysterectomy was performed.  The dome assemblies can be linked to the different diameters of the vaginal cylinders, providing good surface contact throughout the vagina for uniform dose distribution.

Model 8134 Rectal Marker - This device is used with localization fields in intracavitary applications.  With the old method of using a soldering or other type of wire, only the position of the rectum could be obtained.  With the rectal marker, it is now possible to obtain both the rectum position and magnification, which allows accurate determination of the rectal distance from the radiation source.

It consists of a 6mm diameter tube, 32cm long, with a handle at one end.  The entire length of tubing is packed with radiopaque markers accurately spaced 1cm apart, center to center.

Model 8114, Anderson Cervix Marker Kit consists of an implant needle, 25cm long and 50 markers of 0.8mm diameter, 5mm long.  The metallic markers are easily visible on visualization films and also aid in treatment planning.  The implanter has a flange attached, allowing implantation of one marker at 1cm depth.

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