GP-3000 Gamma Probe

Breast Localization

The GP-3000 Gamma probe breast localization system, utilizes the latest detection components for the detection of I-125 localization seeds.

The GP-3000 Gamma probe delivers outstanding directionality by utilizing a custom shielding probe tip and high sensitivity, ensuring precise accurate localization of targeted area during gamma breast localization detection procedures.

The GP-3000 gamma probe utilizes an internal rechargeable battery allowing for up to 8 hours of continuous use.  The GP-3000 can be plugged into a USB port for charging or with a wall charger for charging (Included).

A rear audio jack (3.2mm) can be used with any headphones or earbuds for convenience of use in a noisy environment.

With the included Microsoft Surface tablet and the GP-3000 Gamma Probe App the GP-3000 Gamma Probe can be used as a remote detector.  The large display can be seen from across the room.

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