Therapy Test Tools

Model 430/431, Therapy Beam Alignment Kit

The Lutz Therapy Beam Alignment Test Kit is designed to detect and diagnose beam alignment errors in therapy department units and simulators.  This test kit will detect and diagnose the four general causes of beam misalignment:

The Model 430 beam alignment test tool quickly and simply detects any misalignment, while the Model 431 arm punch test tool identifies the cause of misalignment.  The tools can be used separately, but together they make up a very useful test kit.

Testing the beam alignment of isocentric units (Co-60, linear accelerators, and therapy simulators) should be done on a weekly basis.  The arm punch test tool is used after a problem has been detected with the beam alignment test tool.  It will diagnose radiation source displacement, asymmetric collimator jaws, nonintersecting collimator and gantry axes, and a sagging gantry arm.

When ordering, specify if for Siemens or Varian accelerator.

Model 710-000, Optical Distance Verification & Alignment Tool

This system will calibrate all optical distance indicators on accelerators.  The ball pointer is used to determine the rotational isocenter of the treatment machine collimator head and gantry.  The ballpointer is also visible in fluoroscopy on simulators.

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