QUART Nonius

X-Ray Field / Fanned Beam Measurement

Nonius is a solid state measurement instrument designed to verify the coincidence between the light and radiation fields of various types of X-ray equipment.  With the advent of digital radiography, traditional methods for light field and radiation field congruence measurements using X-ray film are becoming less available.  Nonius solves this problem by transferring measured data to a PC in real time where the results are automatically analyzed and displayed.  Measured data are automatically saved and can be accessed at a later point in time for evaluation purposes.  The software also provides a protocol function including hardcopy print-out.  In addition, Nonius provides the option to assess the position and width as well as the dose profile of fanned X-ray beams.  The technology used to develop Nonius is highly flexible, allowing it to be used in digital as well as conventional X-ray measurements with a resolution of 0.01 mm.  The Nonius is equipped with a USB cable and comes with associated software.

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